We live a joyous life. We practice what we teach whether it’s meditation, continuous
focus on being present, solid communication or loving-kindness.

Kerry Ito

Kerry approaches therapy as a way to understand the moments that have shaped negative beliefs about ourselves and reprogram our minds and bodies to be our more authentic selves. 

She is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Counseling from Roosevelt University. Before becoming a clinical counselor in 2002, Kerry worked as a corporate analyst and has also worked for a nonprofit helping young people find and keep their jobs.

Kerry’s passion is in helping clients manage such conditions as stress and anxiety but especially loves the opportunity to help someone go deeper. Through psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, breathwork and other tools, Kerry can help access and address the soul wounds that are the root cause of the negative feelings that can complicate daily life.

Her goal is to help any client find joy and begin to live in the moment with a healthier sense of self and more rewarding relationships.

Jeff Jones

Jeff helps people at any stage of their lives find joy and gratitude in being their authentic selves. His work is guided by his own journey. Overnight, he went from being a senior corporate executive to a homeless alcoholic, then found recovery, transformation, purpose and joy.

He is an abundance trainer who is certified as an alcohol and other drug abuse counselor, clinical hypnotherapist and transpersonal life coach. His workshops and individual coaching blend the joyfulness teachings of Christianity, Buddhism and other religions with the science of what makes us feel, think and act the way we do.

The dark moments of Jeff’s life have given him lessons he can share with others who want to find purpose, limit their negative thinking or live healthier lives.

Reclaim your joy is a place you can participate in weekly groups and build a new support system or in individual practice. Both participation avenues feature meditation, directed journaling, goal setting, and focused attention on accomplishment. We hope you will join us for individual or group session in our web-based workshops.

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