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Kerry Ito

Kerry Ito is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist working in private practice since 2002. Prior to becoming a clinical counselor, she worked as a corporate consultant and analyst for companies such as Bankers Life and Casualty, Chicago Tribune, and Harris Bank. This corporate experience allows Kerry to have a unique worldview and has led her to a more holistic career.

After receiving her Masters in Clinical Counseling from Roosevelt University, Kerry worked as a psychosocial rehabilitation counselor, where she was trained in mindfulness (cognitive/dialectic behavioral) therapies.

Kerry gets tremendous satisfaction from taking her clients through a process of discovering who they really are, shedding the “false selves” they have adopted to survive; often, releasing that over-powering need for external approval and developing internal self-appreciation. Kerry wants her clients to reclaim those disowned inner resources so that they can begin to feel joy again—or maybe for the first time.

Kerry continues to teach mindfulness to help her clients develop emotional control and thus overcome their anxieties. They can then develop healthy connections to others, a balanced sense of self, and enhanced well-being.

Jeff Jones entered counseling and coaching after a successful business career for a Fortune 100 company. His business experience can help your company meet its mission.

On a personal level, Jeff’s certifications as a Certified Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Counselor (CADC), a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a Transpersonal Life Coach can help clients move past being stuck and living a repetitive life of stress and anxiety.

Jeff has a passion for helping people move from an unmanageable life to one of peace, recognizing that this moment is the only moment. His personal and professional practice include meditation, breath work, hypnotherapy, and transpersonal life coaching.

We live a joyous life. We practice what we teach, whether it is meditation, continuous focus on being present, solid communication, or loving-kindness. We hope you will join us for individual or group sessions or in our web-based workshops. At Reclaim Your Joy!, you can participate in weekly groups and build a new support system or in individual practice. Both participation avenues feature meditation, directed journaling, goal setting, and focused attention on accomplishment.
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