Reclaiming joy is an internal experience that can be explored in many ways. Let’s help you find your way.

My Lifetime in a Moment

A new workshop by Jeff Jones, helping you to shed old beliefs to make room for new ones.

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My Lifetime in a Moment


Beyond your physical presence (being ‘here, in a specific spot’), you also bring along all your experiences, emotions and behaviors – the helpful along with the less than helpful.

Becoming aware of the source of why we react the way we do allows us to overcome our destructive urges and make more conscious decisions. To respond rather than react. This frees us to fully use our strengths without fear. 

Our experiential path includes teachings, writings, meditation, group sharing and a bit of play. The exercises replenish your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional buckets.

The class is applicable for all.
With My Lifetime in a Moment you’ll learn to:

  1. Live a confident life by responding to situations with clarity;
  2. Become physically and mentally healthier by deepening your breath and mediation practices;
  3. Live a conscious, in-the-moment life by creating and embracing an ongoing learning and growth path;
  4. Be a part of a connected community committed to a better self, family, neighborhood and beyond;
  5. Live a life of purpose by creating a vision for your community involvement.

Save this date: May 16, 2022!

Our first experience will take place on May 16, 2022!

There are four nourishment vessels that we continuously deposit into or from which we make withdrawals; Mental, Physical, Spritual and Emotional. Too much either way results in clinging and grasping and leaves no room for a healthy present.

We will focus on gratitude and joy, the breath and its ability to connect to self and others, meditation and journaling. Within these there will be chakra teachings, building a prayer/chanting playlist, finding and decorating your sit spot and likely more!!!

Start Date: Sunday, May 2, 2021 @ 8:00 am
Duration: 4 Weeks @ 1 Hour/Week

  • Each class will be recorded so that you will have all the teachings.
  • All exercises will have printable handouts designed to be the structure for your practice.

Each Thursday you will be emailed a meditation, story or teaching. (This will go on fro an undetermined time, but quite a while.)

You will also be invited to join the My Lifetime in a Moment private Facebook group!

This page is reserved for the people taking any of my online or in-person workshops. The vision is to have a group of conscious people that contribute to the betterment of our world by living their best life.

I hope that you will join me!

Past participants have offered these kind words.

Are you willing to be a little bit happier. How would that feel?

My Lifetime in a Moment opened a foundational mindset.

If you think you have good life now, digging into the work will give you a great, even awesome life.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about any of our workshops, seminars or events. If you really enjoyed a workshop, please let us know – we may bring one back!