Reclaim Your Joy!

has a single purpose of promoting well-being, joy, and an improvement in mental health in Chicago through the variety of services that we offer. Whether you’re in a slump and trying to find a way to be more centered and find meaning in your life, or if you need something more traditional like psychotherapy or recovery help, Reclaim Your Joy! is here.
We want to help you find yourself and your joy. Information about the services we offer is below.



Psychotherapy is a process of identifying and working through the thoughts and beliefs that underlie our anxieties and fears so that we may change and grow. At Reclaim Your Joy!, we use the spiritual tools of letting go of ego, increasing mindfulness, and cultivating compassion.


Heart-centered hypnotherapy is a safe process that adds spirituality to the healing sessions. When in a trance, the brain reacts in the same areas as when you are in deep prayer or meditation. This allows you to be focused on the events that led to the beliefs about yourself that keep you reacting the same way, over and over. The focus and eagerness you display makes this an effective and often quicker path to healing.




Mindfulness has many different meanings to people. At Reclaim Your Joy!, we approach mindfulness in a traditional fashion: as a skill set that weakens negative mindsets and strengthens positive inputs. As training progresses, you will find yourself more present and reacting to both the good and bad with clarity. Mindfulness creates space, and in that space, you experience the moment without the biases accumulated over the years.

Mindfulness is central to loving-kindness and compassion. Our mindfulness classes and workshops provide sustainable, life-changing tools that help to remove stress, deepen relationships, and recognize each moment for what it is—a moment that is here and gone—in a moment.

Corporate Programs

What is it that mindfulness can bring to your company? “Being present” and “staying in the moment” are catchy sayings but do they translate to achievement? While not the magic potion, mindfulness and staying present help your team to:

  1. Focus. Practicing mindfulness daily improves the ability to concentrate. The focus is on what is at hand, and even multi-tasking is enhanced.
  2. Staying calm. The professional world is very fast-paced. Recognizing that there is a space between a comment or incident and your reaction enables you to react in a thoughtful and meaningful manner. This helps improve team compatibility and cohesiveness.
  3. Memory. Staying presence improves focus which improves memory. This has been studied, and the results show that graduate school entrance exams improve by 16% when students practice meditation and mindfulness.
  4. Kindness. Meditation and other practices are directed towards acting in loving-kindness. Kindness towards team members reduces the fear of being creative.

By working with your employees along with your goals and initiatives, we can provide a sustainable program to help you and your team. Each program is unique and can consist of a combination of singular workshops/trainings or an ongoing process which is helpful for companies with teams in flux or facing with new challenges. We can also incorporate a video component to reduce travel expenses.



Transpersonal Life Coaching

There are executive coaches that can help you meet your sales goals, health coaches that can help you eat better and look better, and then there are life coaches. Why might a life coach be important to you?

Life coaches aren’t therapists, and so instead of focusing on a clinic diagnosis as a therapist might, a life coach focuses on helping you find purpose and joy.

Most of us work too hard, and over time our work/life balance gets out of whack. You miss the miracles of family and friends that you didn’t even know were there. We live in a digital age, full of social media and texting which can create distance instead of closeness. Through life coaching, we learn to mindfully reconnect to friends and family and reclaim our joy.

A life coach can help you create balance.

Creating healthy change is another aspect of life coaching. Successful relationships require open communication, having your needs met, and having your needs recognized by your partner. Let us help you build or rebuild ways to communicate in a non-threatening way.

There are many ways that we get stuck throughout our life. A job we don’t particularly relish, money fears, and age are just a few. We can help you visualize a creative, successful you. Together, we will remove the roadblocks that slow or stop your creativity.

Many of us have the appearance of success, yet we feel there is something missing. Our lives are busy, perhaps exhausting, but not full. At Reclaim Your Joy!, we can help you identify your strengths and values and then give you the freedom to construct your path to joy.

Heart-Centered Transformation

Combining spirituality with therapy is a powerful healing process. With heart-centered transformation, you can call on your soul, your guides, and your true self. The techniques that help you release fear and hardwired, limiting beliefs include soul retrieval, subtle energy, womb cleansing, guided meditation, and shadow work. This is work of the highest order and can be extremely rewarding.

Heart-centered transformation is effective in one-on-one settings but can be enhanced by participating in a weekend workshop or enrolling in a six day or personal transformation intensive program.




Recovery is learning to be accepting, to engage instead of move away, to learn to accept the miracles that exist for all of us. The transformation occurs as you define the authentic person that has always existed. Define that person and construct the path to allow for contentment and compassion.

Interested in learning more about our services and how you can improve your mental health in Chicago?