Sober- The Heart Way

Sober- The Heart Way!

Hello, Friends and those I don’t yet know!

This a Welcome and all you need to know about Sober- The Heart Way!

Sober- The Heart Way is  a forum for all of us believing the motivation behind the Big Book is a great way to live. Come on, what’s wrong with recognizing that we are works in progress, make mistakes, recover and make amends. We go out of our way to help others and receive much more than we give.

Beginning September 11, 2018 at 6PM, I will be hosting an on-line sober life meeting, under the name Sober-The Heart Way. The name reflects that each of us opened our hearts to a new way of living.

We are beautiful people that understand pain and are now free to Reclaim Our Joy!

The meeting is open to anyone participating in ANY 12-Step group.

We will loosely follow an 11th Step format. There will be a seed thought reading, followed by a short reflective meditation. Because this is a Zoom meeting, we will be able to do shares based on the reading or any topic that sits with you at the time. (There is a limit in both time and participants, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.)

The Zoom in link is

And a BONUS! Well, a service, really. Lol If you need one, will send you a meeting attendance receipt. Just provide an email address offline to

We are a strong community, and I want to make sure that each of you has an opportunity to be a vocal part. If you have a favorite poem, inspirational story or short reading (These need to be two to three paragraphs at most), please send them to either or the Facebook page below, and I will put them in rotation for our meetings.

OK, the Fb page. It is a group page- Sober-The Heart Way! Please feel free to send any information to me that you would like posted. Things like;

  • Alumni Meetings, dinners, picnics, etc.
  • Sobriety milestones (I am closing in on 9 years)
  • Titles of books that have helped you and perhaps a short review
  • Cool songs
  • List of things where you say- “HEY! I didn’t know that you could do that sober!!

As a caveat,  I am a LONG way from a technical guru, so I will likely screw some of this up, but I am proof that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

And last– PLEASE send this along to your friends, family, sponsors, sober living homes, probation officers and anyone else that would get benefit from our group.


Facebook page: SoberThe Heart Way! 

Additional Services:

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