What Our Clients Say


We are thankful for the space we’ve created to allow individuals to reclaim their joy and share it with our expanding community.

Thank you for being such a big part of my healing process. You were truly instrumental in a really big turning point in my life. You’ve been a model to me of quiet strength, calm, and intuitive healing. Your response as a healer always felt “right” and just what the person needed at the time. You made me feel safe and significant throughout the process, and I am eternally grateful for all that you have offered. I’m wishing you much expansion and blessings, and I really hope to see you again some day!
I recently came to a crossroads with my professional life. I was not sure the best direction to go and I wanted to make sure that I am making the best decision for me.

Speaking with Jeff Jones helped clarify what I wanted professionally and personally is a way I wouldn’t have been able to get to on my own. He gave me the tools to help understand what I want and why I find certain things difficult. I am incredibly thankful for working with Jeff and I would recommend his services to anyone who is feeling a little lost in their lives but aren’t ready to ask for directions.
Dr. Jessica R.
I enjoy Jeff’s classes on purpose and joy, and everything related! He’s made a positive difference in my life just by raising awareness through sharing thoughtful conversation that intentionally picks at what brings me joy and how that ties to my purpose. He also sees things in me that I don’t pay attention to so that makes me feel special, even with all my faults. Thank you for bringing him into your practice.
After 29 years of therapy and a lot of progress on my self-esteem problems and negative beliefs, Kerry Ito had what I needed to reach some goals about money and body image. Kerry has not been a hand-holder with me. She breaks it down and doesn’t let me get away with reproducing my old behaviors right in her office. For me, it feels like she gives advanced therapy that I wasn’t ready for until now (for 29 years I needed the hand-holding). With her I have had excellent results regarding my family issues, money issues and getting ready to date again at the age of 53.
Regina RM
Jeff has been coaching me for one month now, and our sessions have exceeded all of my expectations. Without fail, he has accepted my strengths and weaknesses, supported my goals, and reflected, and reflected my behavior back to me for analysis. I hesitate to call what we do “work” because it’s been so much fun to uncover the beliefs that limit my thinking.

I highly recommend Jeff Jones and Reclaim Your Joy to anyone feeling confused, stuck, or lost in a sea of conflicting goals. He will not only improve your mood and your thinking about yourself, but also your ability to set clear goals in your life and in your work.
Thom H. L.Ac

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